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Google is actively advertising its Google My Business (GMB) services

AJ and Google

Google is currently using a host of celebrities to advertise its very effective local business GMB (Google My Business) listings. If you own a business and you don’t have a google my business account yet, you are definitely missing out on a huge opportunity here. A Google my business account is free and very simple to open. It is essentially a very basic web page free from Google, which allows you to list your business in the Google maps results.

Below is the Heavyweight world boxing champion in one such advert.

A GMB account is an excellent option for any business to get a free listing in the Google rankings. You may have seen what we call the Google map pack in one of your own local searches. It looks a little like this:

Google Map Pack Ranking

If for example you typed into Google “Pool Cleaners in London” the results will show you something like the above image. These are the 1st 3 listings in the Google map pack for that particular search query. Can you imagine how much more business these companies get as a result of being listed 1, 2 and 3 in the map pack? These are the first businesses that a potential customer see’s when the results pop up. Which one would you pick? Interestingly, the 1st two listings don’t have any reviews and the 3rd one does.

You can also notice at the bottom of the page there is a tab that says view all. If you were to click on that you would see something like this:

Google my business listings all

Here you will see over 10 pages full of alternative businesses that also provide pool cleaning services or something similar, and sometimes there are over 20 pages full of other businesses offering similar services. So it begs the question….. why are those businesses getting all of the calls and being ranked numbers 1, 2 and 3 in the map pack and the others are hidden unless you click view all? How did they get to the top?

This is where Local SEO comes into play

Get Global SEO can take your GMB and move it from the hidden businesses sections of page 2 – 20 and move it all the way up to the map pack itself!!

When someone searches for the service they require in Google, 99.9% of the time they will choose one of the businesses in the top 3 of the map pack. Which means that if you own a business, any type of business, you really want to get into that map pack.

As you can see there has never been a better time to get your business seen by the biggest search engine of them all and if Google are advertising it, then the impact on local businesses is going to be huge.

Don’t miss out, contact us today and tell us about your business. We can get your business ranking in the map pack where you can enjoy hundreds more leads per month.








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