We at Get Global SEO have our own unique way of providing SEO services to our clients. Of course, we adhere to all of the rule of thumb practices for good SEO practice, but over the years of experimentation, trial and error giving us valuable hands-on experience, we have adopted our own unique methods of enhancing our client’s rankings which have been proven to work time and time again.

There are various types of SEO strategies available to use out there utilizing both on page SEO and off page SEO techniques.

It is important to note that Google reportedly makes up to 1,000 algorithm changes every single year. Most of these are very small changes and can even go unnoticed by SEO experts. However, Google also makes some huge update changes about 3 times a year and it is vital that you choose an SEO company that is up to date with these changes and who adapts its practices to reflect these.

Not too long ago, Google was easy to manipulate through keyword spamming and various black hat techniques that were used extensively to influence Google rankings. Now though, Google is a different animal and came out with some major algorithm updates that changed the way SEO was heading. Through these updates, namely, the Panda and Penguin updates were specifically designed to penalize websites that it recognized using black hat techniques to influence rankings. These updates are being continually tweaked and updated even now.

As a result of these, there are some very good reasons why you shouldn’t attempt any of these techniques. Get Global SEO only uses white hat techniques that run in line with Google’s preferred practices. We advise all website owners to learn a basic understanding of SEO so that you can recognize if bad practices are being performed on your site by a bad SEO Company or “expert”. Here is a link to Google’s own excellent SEO guidance which will benefit all website owners.

Get Global SEO Website Analysis

One of the main drivers of Get Global SEO’s strategy for your website will be based on your competitor’s website. Using a range of tools, we can breakdown any website and discover its foundations. What makes it tick? If they are ranking in the top of Google, we can find out why and duplicate it and then improve on it. This means that we can implement the correct changes to your website to replace your competitors at the top of the Google rankings.